Who Am I?

 Who are you ? I am all about the blues ,  love, freedom ,  and good soul music . I feel strongly about doing whats  in my heart to do . Allowing my true self to express , no matter what others think about it . it just feels so  good !

  I think that life is much much  too short to spent it living the images that others set for us .Especially being a black man, some of the images are pre judged and thats not always a good thing.

 I believe in art and expression and one of the best ways to express your soul is thru songs and music  .

 I often feel like a painter without a brush . I use paper and a pen to paint instead.  I want to paint my life experiences thru songs an share these songs with the world. It dosent matter if anyone likes them , its all about getting them out of me. Spilling the paint  out into the world . Like my father said  to my mother when I was a child. “The blues is in that boy and it got to come out “..


One Response to Who Am I?

  1. Snyder Robinson says:

    I feel a lot like you . Keep up the good work out at Bridge Street

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